Our Goal

To meet the growing needs of our customers, with excellent products, reliable quality and effective service.

jieying medical

Hangzhou Jieying Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Jieying Medical Technology is a professional and dynamic company. We have rich of experience in the medical product. We have many kinds of medical equipment, surgical instruments and medical consumables. In terms of medical equipment, we produce the world’s advanced ENT treatment unit. And we provide a series of related equipment, such as endoscope camera, cold light source and operating microscope, etc. For surgical instruments, we sell various types of rigid endoscopes and forceps. In medical consumables field, we produce and sell high-quality disposable consumables, such as oxygen masks, nebulizer masks, nasal oxygen cannula, breathing circuits and anesthesia masks, etc.

In the past ten years, we have setup business with many customers around the world. Our products and services have always been satisfied them. We will do better in the future, to have every single customer become our long-term partner.

Our Products

We have several factories producing different types of medical product, most of them belongs to three catagreies. First one is medical equipment for ENT field. Second one is surgical instrucment, expecially endoscope and forcep. Third one is respiratory consumables, like nebulizer mask, nasal cannula and breathing circuit.

Medical Equipment

We are famus manufacturer of ENT treatment unit, have three different models: ENT2800, ENT1800DC and ENT1800DP. Meanwhile we have various of medical equipment that works in ENT application, such as full HD endoscope camera, LED cold light source, operating microsocpe, LED surgical headlight, etc.

Surgical Instrument

Otoscope, sinuscope, laryngoscope, Cystoscopy, arthroscopy, rectoscopy, laparoscope, hysteroscope.

Trocar, biospy forcep, titanium clip, needle holder, grasping forcep, electrode.

Medical Consumable

Respiratory consumable is our key product. We have oxygen mask, nebulizer mask, nasal cannula, anesthesia mask, venturi mask, breathing circuit, larygeal mask airway, guedel airway, etc. Besides, we also sell cotton swab, madical tape, swab plus and some other disposable products.