Who is Jieying Medical Technology? And what we do?

Hangzhou Jieying Medical Technology Co., Ltd., is your trustable friend. We are a dynamic and professional medical products provider, focusing on ENT treatment equipment, surgical instruments and respiratory medical consumables. In the past 10 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in each field. And, we have several factories, each factory specializes in one direction, to produce excellent performance and best quality products.

In the field of medical equipment, our ENT treatment unit has a very good reputation. In addition to the very stable quality, the performance is also very good. Especially the ENT2800 system, which is our most advanced ENT treatment system. It integrates most of the functions of Otolaryngology diagnosis. And it has a intelligent control system, making medical treatment be very easy and comfortable.

About surgical instruments, we have been providing high quality stainless steel surgical instruments for decades. In particular, our rigid endoscopes are not only reliable in quality, but also competitive in price. We have a complete range of rigid endoscope, covering Otolaryngology, gynecology, Urology and so on.

Speaking of medical consumables, price and quality are our core competitiveness. How to balance these two aspects is always the key problems against every medical consumables supplier. With strict quality management system, advanced production equipment, and continuous R & D investment, we succeed to achieve very stable quality of our products, meanwhile save as much as possible cost for customers.

How to cooperate with Jieying Medical Technology?

When you know what Jieying can do, it’s easy to work with us. Because our aim is to make every effort to achieve the customer’s requirements. The deeper the cooperation, the better, not only on service, but also on technical and design. Therefore, you will find that we are able to do a lot of customized work base on your needs.

Recently we have an Australian customer who wants a simple ENT unit modified from current ENT cabinet. After two months of continuous communication, we have successfully added a whole suction system into the current design, plus many new accessories. The final result satisfy both sides very well.

Few years ago in Europe, a Norwegian doctor helped us improve the patient chair. He told us that it is hard for fat patient to sit in our chair, because of the fixed armrest. And he had no idea but only to cut the armrest. After we knew that, we spent a whole month to launch a new version of patient chair, with movable armrest, which becomes one of the most popular product we have. So it is not only customer get benefit from deep cooperation, but also we do.

For medical consumables, what we do is fast design feedback in high quality. If customer needs to something special on product packaging, we will collect all the information in one time, rather than to bring a question pandora box. To ensure that, our professional designers work direct with client.

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