Project Description

AGS210 is a professional medical LED cold light source. It has a super powful LED bead with 100watt power consumption, >92 CRI and it provides >3,000,000Lux illumination, which is capable for any medical operation. And, the life of the lamp bead reached more than 20,000 hours, far higher than the ordinary halogen lamp and xenon lamp.

AGS210 has a 5″ LCD display that showing not only the output power percentage, but also the working life already used. The whole front interface is quite clear and easy to operate.

Except AGS210, we have another two models, CLS800 and PL100. CLS800 is a 80watt cold light source with full touching control user interface, another is a portable light source that can direct connect to the endoscope without light fiber beam.

Medical cold light source is usually working with medical endoscope camera and medical LCD monitor, together they form an endoscopic camera system. This system can easily cooperate with our ENT1800DC / ENT1800DP / ENT2800, provide high resolution real time image to doctor.

Key Parameters

Power Supply 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 100VA
CRI >92
Illumination >3,000,000Lux
Lift time >20,000h
Color Temperature 5700K
Package Carton
Packing Size 36 x 30 x 24cm
Gross Weight 6.5kg