Project Description

The medical cotton swab is one of the most common medical consumables. Compared with the ordinary daily cotton swab, the medical cotton swab is usually made of bamboo or wood pole, and the cotton head is made of 100% medical grade absorbent cotton. In addition, it is basically single headed cotton swabs, with bigger and more relatively loose cotton head, because it helps to quickly absorb drugs or wound effusion.  And there are strict standards for cotton lint dropping and water content of cotton head.

The diameter of medical bemboo/wooden stick cotton swab head could be 5mm, 7mm, or even 9mm. In terms of length, for the convenience of use, medical bamboo/wooden stick cotton swab is longer than normal one, generally with specifications of 10cm, 15cm or even longer.

There are many different names for cotton swab, like cotton buds, ear buds, cotton stick, swab plus, etc.

Material Wooden/bamboo, medical absorbent cotton
Length 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm
Cotton Head Diameter 5mm, 7mm, 9mm
Package 100pcs/bag, 10bags/box, 20boxs/carton
Carton Size 41 x 40 x 85cm
Gross Weight 15kg
MOQ 10,000bags