Project Description

ENT2800 is the most advanced otolaryngology diagnosis and treatment system (ENT unit set/ENT workstation/ENT opd system) we have developed. Thanks to modular design, the main unit and the instrument cabinet are separate, which saves a lot of space, and also makes it more flexible and convenient to use. On the one hand, ENT2800 integrates almost all common otolaryngology diagnostic functions, such as medicine spray, suction, ear irrigation, disinfection, heating, etc. On the other, it also has good expansibility. We have many optional equipment to work with it, like operating microscope, endoscope image system, etc. Therefore, our clients are able to customized his own ENT unit system base on actual needs, by choosen the right options.

ENT2800 is also a high intelligent equipment. Most of its functions can be controlled by touch screen, even the movement of electrical patient chair. The irrigation system controls automatically constant water temperature and water level, and displays real-time water temperature. After a certen period of time without any operation, ENT2800 will automatically stop working and standby.

We have three models of ENT unit set. Except the powerful ENT2800, there are ENT1800DC and ENT1800DP, same with high quality but much cheaper.

Configuration Table

Configuration of standard ENT2800 set Qty
Painted metal body and marble surface 1
Glass touch control panel 1
“Smart ENT” electronic control system 1
Noise & vibration insulator 1
Medicine spray gun 3
Blowing gun 1
Suction gun 1
Compressor 1
Vacuum pump 1
Hot air heater 1
Instrument jar 1
Ointment jar 2
LED Inspection light 1
Sewage collection and aotu blow off system 1
Built-in LED cold light 1
Constant temperature irrigation system 1
UV desinfection system 1
Full metal instrument cabinet 1
Electrical patient chair 1
Doctor stool 1

Optional List

Optional Item Model
Full HD endoscope camera HD1, HD2
LED cold light source CLS800, AGS210
Full HD medical monitor MS220S
ENT operating microscope M120, M3600
LED surgical headlight KD202A4, KD202A7
Otoscope n/a
Sinuscope n/a
Laryngoscope n/a

Key Parameters

Power Supply 110/220Vac, 50/60Hz
Max. Power <1000VA
Possitive pressure 0.01-0.15Mpa adjustable
Negative pressure 0.01-0.08Mpa adjustable
Suction bottle size 2500mL
Inspection Light Power 10W
Cold Light Illumination >1,500,000Lx
Irrigation Water Temperature 36°C – 39°C
UV Light Working Cycle 30min
Package 3 wooden cases
Packing Size 1100 x 800 x 1060mm, 950 x 750 x 1050mm, 920 x 800 x 1300mm
Gross Weight 145kg, 95kg, 150kg