Project Description

Cotton swab plus is a complete new invention. It looks like ordinary cotton swab, with the same length and same material. But inside the plastic stick is filled with alcohol or iodophor solution, and there is a colored ring at one cotton head. When using, put the cotton head with colored ring upward and break it, then the solution inside it will flow to the another end automatically. After the downward cotton head absorbs the solution, it can be applied to the wound or skin. Base on the solution, we have alcohol cotton swab plus and iodophor cotton swab plus.

Compare to common way of disinfection by cotton swab, cotton swab plus is very easy use. Further more, it is individually packed, not only be easy to carry but also be good resistance to pollution.

Material Medical grade PP, medical absorbent cotton
Length 7.5cm
Cotton Head Diameter 5mm
Solution type iodine solution
Package 1pc/bag, 2000pcs/roll, 10rolls/carton
Carton Size 35 x 35 x 50cm
Gross Weight 8.0kg
MOQ 250,000pcs