Project Description

M120 is an entry level operating microscope, with built-in LED light source for coaxial illumination. It has different working distance and 3 steps of magnification. By using different types of binocular observation, M120 is used for micro-operation in ear-nose-throat, dental, ophthalmology, gynecology, etc.

A standard M120 surgical microscope has two objective with focus length of 200mm and 300mm. If you have further needs, we can provide 250mm and 400mm objective as option. Besides, we have C-mount, camera adaptor, beam spliter and micro-camera that can work with M120.

There is another model of operating microscope M3600, which is an advanced level model with 5 steps of magnification. Both of them can well work with our ENT unit.

Key Parameters

Binocular observation Straight, 45°, 0-180°
Magnification of binocular 6X
Interpupillary distance 50-80mm
Diopter ±5D
Magnification changer 3-step magnification change: 0.6X,1X,1.6X
Focal length of objective Two objectives: F=200 & F=300mm (M45x0.75mm)
Total magnification 3X, 5X, 8X, 4.7X, 7.5X, 12X
Linear field 60.8mm, 37.9mm, 23.6mm, 40.6mm, 25.3mm, 15.8mm
Beamsplitter 50:50 Beamsplitter
Video camera adapter C-mount
Fine focusing range 10mm
Filter Built-in green and yellow filters
Illumination system 10W LED light source, brightness adjustable, illumination>30000lx
Packing 2 cartons
Packing size 800 x 1200 x 180mm, 600 x 600 x 250mm
Gross weight 50kg

Optional List

Optional Item
Micro camera
SLR camera adapter
Objective F=250mm & F=400mm