Project Description

PL100 is a medical level portable LED cold light source. It is in small size but with powerful illumination. The light color temperature is 5700K – 6500K, which is very close to sunlight. PL100 is a rechargable cold light, it is powered by one 18650 battery. To work in medical envirement, PL100 has three adaptors fitting with different types of endoscope and flexible endoscope. Further more it is fully water proof, and has three level of illumination adjustable.

Except portable LED cold light source, we have also common LED cold light source, AGS210 and CLS800. One is a powerful 100Watt cold light source, another is a 80watt LED cold light source with touching control user interface. Both are powerful medical grade equipment.

Medical cold light source is usually working with medical endoscope camera and medical LCD monitor, together they form an endoscopic camera system. This system can easily cooperate with our ENT1800DC / ENT1800DP / ENT2800, provide high resolution real time image to doctor.

Key Parameters

Body Material Aluminum
LED Power 10Watt
Bettery Charging Time 3hours
Illumination >20,000Lux
Lift time >20,000h
Color Temperature 5700K
Package Box
Packing Size 21 x 11 x 14cm
Net Weight 90g