Project Description

Disposable reinforced breathing circuit set is a medical consumable. It is used to remove carbon dioxide and deliver oxygen to a patient. At beginning, breathing circuit is developed for use in anaesthesiology, but now many variants of breathing system are in clinical use. A complete disposable breathing circuit set comprise a Y connector, Water Trap, disposable breathing tubing-corrugated, BVF, Humidification Chambers. In order to ensure patient’s safety, breathing circuit is made of medical grade PVC, without letax. It’s very similar to the anesthesia circuit, with two water traps more and no breathing air bags.

According to the actual needs, there are two types of the breathing circuit: normal corrugated circuit and reinforced cicuit. The reinforced one is more transparent and better resistant to extrusion.


  1. Y-type triplet has monitoring port, which is convenient for sampling and testing;
  2. Reasonable design to ensure good compliance and lower respiratory resistance;
  3. The pipeline is soft and not easy to discount, with good transparency, convenient for doctors to observe;
  4. The collecting cup can collect the condensed water in the pipeline, thus it reduces much the probability of polluting the ventilator.
Material Medical grade PVC, latex free
Limb Length 1.5m, 1.8m, 3.6m, or base on customer requirement
Limb Diameter 15mm and 22mm
Length of extra limb 50cm
Reservoir Bag Size 0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L
Package Individual packed, 5pcs/carton
Carton Size 48 x 38 x 30 cm
Gross Weight 5.0kg
MOQ 1,000pcs