Project Description

Rigid laryngoscope is a medical device which is used to look into the throat. It is one kind of rigid endoscope. Health care providers use it to screen for illness during regular check-ups and also to investigate throat symptoms. It helps doctors effectively observe the symptoms in the deep throat.

A typical dimesion of rigid laryngoscope is 175mm length and 8mm diameter. We also have 6mm diameter version. The view angle could be 30°, 70° or 90°. There is one light incoming port at the side of laryngoscope, connecting to cold light source with fiber optical beam. The observation hole is at the base. When use, install the laryngoscope onto the endoscope camera head and connect the cold light source, then doctor is able to see the real time image on medical monitor.

A complete ENT surgery endoscope set contains otoscope, sinuscope and laryngoscope. The rest two endoscopes are in different length and diameter.

Material Stainless steel and high transperant glass
Length 175mm
Diameter 8mm / 6mm
View angle 30° / 70° / 90°