Project Description

Nebulizer mask (Aerosol mask) is a kind of respiratory consumables, used for patients with respiratory inflammation or infection. It is made of medical grade PVC. It consists of a PVC mask that fits over the patient’s nose, a 6mL nebulizer cup and an adjustable elastic strap that fits around the head to keep the mask in place. Compared with the Standard Oxygen mask, it has an additional nebulizer cup.

For the people with lung conditions, doctor will prescribe a nebulizer machine for the patient to use, making the medications easier to inhale. In order to receive the medication in this form, patient normally use a nebulizer mask connected with the nebulizer machine. When using, dissolve the medicine in water, and pour it into the atomizing cup. After that, connect one end of the connecting tubing with the nebulizer machine. After nebulizer machine works, the atomized medicine will reach the pharynx of the patient through the mask, so as to achieve the best treatment effect.


  1. Made of Medical grade PVC, latex free;
  2. Used with any of the compressor/nebulizer for treatment of asthmatic patients;
  3. Designed for comfortable administration of fine mists of uniform density to reach deep into lung cavity;
  4. Simple three -piece design is easy to assemble and clean;
  5. Break-resistant plastic.
Material Medical grade PVC, latex free
Mask Size Adult Elongated (XL), Adult (L), Child (M), Infant (S)
Tubing Length 2m
Tubing Diameter 5.0mm
Color Transparent or green
Nebulizer Cup Size 6mL
Package 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/carton
Carton Size 48 x 38 x 30 cm
Gross Weight 7.0kg
MOQ 3,000pcs