Project Description

A tracheotomy mask is a medical consumable used during tracheotomy, it makes a small opening through the skin in your neck into the windpipe (trachea). The racheotomy mask or trach tube, is placed through this opening into the trachea to help keep the airway open. Patient breathes directly through this tube, instead of through the mouth and nose.

The tracheotomy mask is made of medical grade PVC, it is also called tracheostomy mask. There are three sizes available, L for adult, M and S for child.

Material Medical grade PVC, latex free
Mask Size Adult (L), Child (M), Infant (S)
Color Transparent or green
Package 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/carton
Carton Size 47 x 39 x 26 cm
Gross Weight 7.0kg
MOQ 5,000pcs